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Re: glass and a gasket[120-130/66] posted by George Downs on
Friday, 26 March 1999, at 2:45 p.m.

There is a trick with the aluminum decorative molding that
fits into the gasket that took me many years to finally figure
out. Be very careful when you remove it to avoid bending
it any more than necessary. Like most thin soft aluminum,
it work-hardens rapidly so it is much easier to not bend it
in the first place than to get a bent item looking new again.

An appropriate rubber lube is a great help in both getting
the molding out and putting it on the new seal/gasket.

The trick is to block the lip of the seal up enough that
the aluminum molding will slip into it easily. You do this
with something flexible and round, such as the factory-
recommended 4mm round leather thong. (??)
I tried a lot of things that were a lot stronger than
a 4mm thong, but not that big, and it was absolutely
no help; plainly impossible. Then after about the
50th reading of the manual I began to wonder why
they emphasized that it must be 4mm in diameter.

I found some vinyl-insulated stranded wire whose
outer diameter was about 5/32" (3.97 mm, close
enough) and crammed it into the slot with some
rubber lube and was impressed how high the
offending lip stuck up. It was then pretty easy to get
the flat part of the aluminum molding under it and pull
the wire out as I went. It only took 2 more tries to get
it right. --
George Downs, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


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