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Re: No Brakes[120-130/68] posted by Ron Tewksbury on
Tuesday, 16 March 1999, at 3:11 p.m.

Sorry, I mis-understood your question. I believe that the main reason Volvo went to the dual circuit brake systems was for safety reasons. I don't think they improved stopping distances much if at all. One thing that did improve the 122's ease of braking was the addition of a brake booster. I think that by the time the dual circuit brakes came out in late '67 all 122's had boosters.

My '66 122s has a single brake circuit and no booster. Currently the brakes could only be described as poor - very poor. I plan to overhaul the brake system before the car goes on the road. I'm hoping I can make them acceptable without major modifications.

One thing I'm curious about is do the late 122's with the dual masters have a triangulated braking system similar to the newly introduced 140 or was it just a dual line "X" type setup? Its been too long since I owned my '68 122s estate and I can't remember.

Ron Tewksbury
1978 244DL 241K miles
1966 122s ?90K miles

Re: No Brakes[120-130/68] posted by George Downs on
Tuesday, 16 March 1999, at 4:00 p.m.

I think the small booster mounted on the fender
well was used fairly early in the 122 series but
I have only seen one in my life that worked.
With the dual path brakes, I suspect the last
ones may have also had rear disks rather than

There is an outfit called White Post Restorations
(I believe located in White Post, Virginia) that
sleeves and bores old cylinders with corrosion
resistant bronze and does this for a wide variety
of classic and antique cars. Among other places
they advertise in Hemming's Motor News.
Everything I have heard about their work is
good. --
George Downs, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


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