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Lower chassis support bars/braces installed[200/1985Ti] posted by Paul S on
Sunday, 7 March 1999, at 11:42 a.m.

Got 'em from IPD. Had Volvo stickers on 'em. You could get 'em from Volvo....but when I asked my local guy he was lost and the part numbers didn't work for him....or you could mail order 'em from a Volvo place part number 1229843. $24 ea or so. But then you need the hardware.

So I love IPD.......

Anyhow the weird thing (and the reason I bought 'em from IPD) is I thought that IPD would supply instructions. Nope. Haven't drafted the instructions yet. Told me it will be self explanatory....

Sat. AM. Got all my tools together. 3/8 drill bit, smaller pilot bit, Bigass Milwaukee drill, 9/16 wrenchs, sockets, hammer, center punch, marker, lube,...etc...

I jacked the car up pretty under with all the tools....loosely attach bars to engine cross member (holes are already there). Swing bar over to rear control arm bushing bracket. I put the bars perfectly straight with the chassis or at a small angle "outward"? I opted for the slight angle method, to help control force to the triangle center of the bushing brackets and triangulate the cross member forces (You'll see what I mean and I could be wrong but the difference is very minor) Mark and punch the spot....whoops drill won't fit....dang gotta jack he car up even more...climb out, jack jack jack, stack some 2X6's flat under he jack stands, so I don't have to extend them so far.

So I climb back under drill the pilot holes, main holes, grease the holes with synthetic grease (slows rust), assemble (oh yeah I used Nylock nuts instead of the supplied deformed lockers) and tighten everything well. Simple.

Driving impressions: More car oneness. No so noticeable on turns, (because I have tower to tower and firewall braces) but on hard stops the car seems even more solid.

Bottom line....if you are thinking about the lower braces for the 240: Get 'em. If you get 'em from IPD..tell IPD to finish the instructions, you are paying them for some reading material.....
Paul "El Pablini" Seminara


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