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Front Bushings Replacement[240-260/1984] posted by Michael on
Sunday, 31 May 1998, at 11:03 p.m.

I've logged some 214,000 miles on my 84 240. I've noticed that the bushing look and feel like they need to be replaced. Chilton says that this is an easy task, but doesn't seem to elaborate as to how to go about the procedure. Is it really difficult to replace these bushings? Do the bushings have to be machine pressed? If so, is a press rentable?



Re: Front Bushings Replacement[240-260/1984] posted by George Swift on
Monday, 1 June 1998, at 12:59 a.m.


We're talking about the large control arm bushings (rear) here.
Yes, those bushings are easy to replace. Before I bought all the Volvo special tools, I fabricated a tool to install those bushings. I'm kind of proud of that tool!
Before I fabricated that tool I was still able to install the rear bushings w/o damage.

First you need to remove the housing/fixture that the bushing sits in. It is bolted to the sub frame w/10mm bolts. (14mm socket). After removing the 3 bolts, remove the nut (w/19mm) and slide the bushing/housing off.

Next you need to ''press the old bushing out''. A BFH works fine here. If you put the housing in a vise w/jaws open wide enough to straddle the bushing, you can hit the bushing with about three good whacks, and it's out.

To install the new bushing, you should first index the bushing with the four detents on the bushing. Have 12:00 straight up, and so on. With the housing face down on the jaws of the vise, and the bushing facing up, you can persuade the bushing in with a punch in the four ''index'' divots.

After you've got the control arm bushings in, slide them back onto the control arm and it's a good idea to replace the nut.(12mm x1.5 pinchnut). That nut needs to be torqued to spec. with the car on it's feet. The RH side is a bear because the headpipe is in the way, but you can get to that one from above. The left side you can get to underneath with one wheel on a curb and the other wheel on a 4 x 4, or ramps if you have them.

The front bushings, however, are a different story. They generally outlive the rears 4 to 1, and I wouldn't attempt those w/o special tools. Sometimes, those need oxy/acetlyne persuasion to remove, even w/special fixture.

George Swift / volvo car care


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