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Re: 245 Hatch wiring[240-260/1989] posted by Don Foster on
Thursday, 28 May 1998, at 7:24 a.m.

Tony ---

Just what you need -- more advice.

Everyone else presented very good repair tips and ideas. I STRONGLY agree with George who reminded you to put some rags between the tailgate and roof to prevent scratching when you unbolt the hinge.

(I've done this job at least 8 times.)

If you decide to run new wires, but not the Volvo wiring harness, I suggest you use instrument test lead wire. It's available from Radio Shack in spools, and comes in red and black. Consider the black, since the wire is visible in the hinge.

This wire has rubber insulation (not plastic) so remains flexible in the cold. Also, it is "highly" stranded. That is, unlike ordinary stranded wire (e.g., lamp cord), test lead wire has many, many very fine strands so can take flexing for years without breaking.

The newer hinges have an internal ground wire from one side of the hinge to the other. If yours is broken, cut it completely out and run an extra ground lead from inside the car to inside the tailgate.

I have used this wire for years and never had a failure.

Good luck.
Don Foster


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