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Aftermarket Stereo Installation[240-260/all] posted by Stoney on
Sunday, 24 May 1998, at 12:54 p.m.

Actually I no longer recommend Crutchfield after having them send the wrong speakers twice.

The Boston Acoustics 851 Speaker Frames and Grilles are square and fit ALL 5.25" speakers I have found. They bring the speaker out from the door panel about 1/2" and thereby end the depth problem, and fit snugly between the armrest and the front door edge and clear the dash edge by 1/8" when the door is closed.

Another source/maker that has a square grille is WINKS. Their 4" square grille & frame fit the Blau 403, Polk, and BA CX4's easily. As of last week Crutchfield was not supplying the Volvo Radio head harness adapter-"Back Order" is what I heard. METRA is available thru Scound Conceptions at the Autotoys url Im posyted previously. Do not get the metall faceplate as it will not fit the slide in frame on most units, there will be a 1/8" gap after the securing tabs are bent to their fullest and only a homemade spacer will solve the problemand the result looks nasty.

The BA 851 framrs/grilles have a small red rectangular logo that can be rempved, if you are concerned with "stealth", and the logo on the WINKS can be wiped off with Denatured Alcohol or WD-40. Another alternative is to cover the grilles with the same color cloth as is on the doors and they are very clos\e to being invisible.

DO lose the OEM wiring as it is 18 ga. crap! Replace it with decent stuff snaked thru the accordion flex at the door jambs.

You might have to do a bit of cobbling if your BMW unit does not have a mounting sleeve to attach to the faceplate. I have had good luck with aluminum stock 1/8" bent into a right angle and epoxyed to the back of the faceplate and then drill the needed number of holes to screw into the existing side mount holes. The screw size is 6mm and watch the depth!

Above all REMEMBER TO SAVE AND WRITE DOWN THE RADIO CODE BEFORE YOU REMOVE IT FROM THE BIMMER! Most of these units require a security code to be entered when the unit has been disconnected from the memory wire and/or the battery has been disconnected! The code is available from your BMW dealer but you have to produce proof of ownership, etc and is a real hassle! (Ask any one who has done thois with a GM unit, some dealers actually want to charge $25 for this "service")!

Like I said if you need any wiring plots, etc email me and I'll scan and fax them to you.

Take a look at the Crutchfield catalogue under Volvo-the lastest model they list is a 740! And their staff frequently as never seen a Volvo, theuy deal mainly in Detroit/Japanese cars and 99% of their speaker line has round grilles that are a pain to fit to the front doors of a 240.

BTW the Autotoys website has free wiring color info for 15 makes of autos. They alos will beta Crutchfields prices by 20% on average. Even Circuit City/Best Buys can beat Crutchfields prices!
Sound Connections web site.


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