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Re: AC Clutch replacement[740-760/1987] posted by chris daunhauer on
Thursday, 21 May 1998, at 6:42 p.m.

make sure that you're not replacing something for no good reason. I had the same problem on my 240 and finally determined that the compressor was not grounding well enough with the engine to set up the magnetic field that pulls the two pieces of the clutch together.

easy enough to check. crank the car, set your a/c on super cold and listen for the *thermo switch* to click. then make sure you've got *alterntor* (13.5 or so) voltage going into the clutch. then run an extra ground from the compressor housing to a known ground (like one the bolts that hold the strut). if the clutch works with the extra ground, you've saved some bucks.

hope this helps.


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