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Re: Electric Cooling Fans[240-260/84] posted by Philip Bradley on
Wednesday, 20 May 1998, at 10:23 p.m.

I have had a Flex-a-Lite Black Magic M150 electric primary fan in my 83 242T for about eight years. Works fine and is very heavy duty. The Flex-a-Lite is large and requires a little custom fitting, but it is as powerful and durable as anything out there. They cost around $175. A Flex-a-Lite would not fit my 745T since radiator to block clearance is sloghtly less, so I put a top of the line Scotts 16 inch fan in. It is strong but not like the Flex-a-Lite. Still, I have had no problems in 10,000 miles. I paid around $125 for the Scotts.

A little advive. Shrouds increase efficiency dramatically. The Flex-a-Lite has a very good shroud. The Scotts and most other fans have what I call a mini shroud. It is better than nothing.

Thermostats that contact the coolant are much better. The through the fin types are affected by the weather and heat soak. There are thermostats that slip in the radiator hose. These work, but make sure you slip the probe towards the radiator not towards the block. The best thermostat would be an adjustable unit that fit in the stock plugged location on the later radiators (as used on late 240s and 740s) or one that fit in the lower radiator hose as used on some early 240s. The factor 700 series radiator thermos for the secondary electric pusher fans are too hot. There is one special one that can be ordered that fits the early 700 series, but I am not sure where it fits. In 8 years, I still have not perfected the thermostat and I have tried six different ones.

Volvo used primary electric fans on their late 700 and 900 series. You can get these from junkyards. Get the thermostat, whatever it is, as well, and a radiator that fits it if it is different from yours.

When you remove the fan clutch, use bolts instead of the studs. You will need the clearance on the pulley.

Philip Bradley


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