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Anyone replaced a diesel timing belt?[740-760/85] posted by J. Smith on
Saturday, 16 May 1998, at 9:08 p.m.

I don't know when the last time (if ever) the timing belt has been relaced on this diesel engine with 200,000 miles on it. I've done a number of B23 gas engines but the diesel has me a little worried as it sounds as if VW didn't help out with marking the different gears against the housing. Is this something for a real mechanic? Are the Volvo special tools necessary as Chilton says? I haven't checked into how much Volvo will charge. Any ideas or suggestions? It doesn't sound like this engine is forgiveable.

Also, chec king valve lash. Another task left to Volvo? --
J. Smith

Re: Anyone replaced a diesel timing belt?[740-760/85] posted by Ed Lipe on
Sunday, 17 May 1998, at 10:21 a.m.

Replacing the belts on a diesel is possible without the injection timing tools. You do need a tool to hold the harmonic balancer when removing and replacing it. I made one out of a 1 1/2" 3000# pipe union using a die grinder and then welding a handle to it.
Do the front belt first. Set at TDC compression. You can check this by flywheel and injection pump marks. Replace the crank seal while you're there. Do NOT loosen the front cam pulley, it is not keyed!
To do the rear, loosen the bolts on the pump used fo tensioning the belt, not the ones used for rotating the pump(injection timing adjustment). DO NOT loosen the rear cam pulley, it is not keyed! It is possible to slide the belt off and on with a little patience.
You can use a paint pen to mark a reference on the pulley and valve cover to keep the cam straight. Double check all timing marks after reassembly. If the pump belt breaks, you're just stranded for a while. If the big belt breaks, you're shopping for a head. If all goes well, no other adjustments are necessary
Valves are similar to the gas engines. You need a VW valve tool to depress the buckets. VW shims are in abundance. Some shops will even trade shims with you at no charge.
Last I recall, someone mentioned megabucks for belt replacement at the dealer.
This engine is a PITA (Pain in the Ass) to work on. --
ED7, '51 R25, '65 R69S, '67 1600 GT, '86 745 TD, '90 240 GL, '95 RWL


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