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Re: Tips for long driving trip?[240-260/1984] posted by Jerry Andersch on
Thursday, 14 May 1998, at 9:50 a.m.


I would replace the air filter and while having the air box open make sure the door that directs hot air from the exhaust manifold is fully closed when the outside air temp. is above 60 degress F. The thermostat often fails in this setup leaving the door to the preheater partially or fully open. Drawing super heated air across your new air mass sensor will shorten it's life significantly. Replacement thermostats can be had for about 15 bucks from IPD and are easy to install.
On a long trip, not only make sure there's good rubber on all four wheels ... tires balanced and properly inflated ... but your spare tire is road worthy as well. Get the front end alignment checked. If it's been a while since the front wheel bearings were repacked ... get them greased and propely adjusted.
Make sure you have spare fuses of the proper amperage ... there are spaces for spares to be stored in the fuse box.
If you'll be traveling through real desert ... pack a gallon or two of distilled water for emergency use for your Volvo or yourself. Speaking of water make sure the cells in your battery are properly topped up and the battery and alternator are in good condition. If you have a cell phone or can get one bring it along. I've found cell service along most western interstates with only a few sections of no service. Calling for help after a break down in the vast open expanse of an desolate wasteland is far more effective with a Motorola in hand.
Bring along some basic tools ... and a Volvo manual (Haynes or Bentley)...
and enjoy your trip.

These are a few things I do when traveling long distances in the West. Oh and the previous posting regarding the timing belt ... very important and sound advice. --
Jerry Andersch 1980 242DL 1986 245DL 1988 244DL 1995 944T


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