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B21FIT Valvetrain "Rattle"[240-260/85] posted by Robert Mohr on
Wednesday, 13 May 1998, at 8:05 a.m.

Playing on a long twisting section of road last night in my 1983 242 Turbo, I let the engine wind up to about 5000 rpm a few times. Now, I've got a new rattle that appears to come from the valvetrain on my 175,000 mile engine.

It's not the tapping noise that I usually associate with a valve out of adjustment or a sticky lifter. This is a buzzing rattle, moderately high in pitch, that starts around 1500 rpm, increases with motor speed and then trails to a scatter of "clacks" as I back off the throttle. I've checked for a rattlesnake nest beneath the intake manifold - nothing.

It almost sounds as if something is loose and vibrating underneath the valve cover. The engine appears to idle and run fine, oil pressure is greater than 1 bar at idle and about 3.5 bar when warm. The noise is there whether the engine is cold or hot. I've poked about in the engine compartment, securing heat shields and such and haven't had much luck in stopping the noise.

I guess I'll try to locate the noise better with an engine stethoscope. However, before I pull the valve cover for a look inside, I thought I'd throw the problem out for your analysis.

Once again, I appeal to the collective knowledge of the almighty Brickboard. Your kind attention is most appreciated.

Bob Mohr
1983 242 Flathood B21FIT
1992 245 B230F

Re: B21FIT Valvetrain "Rattle"[240-260/85] posted by Chuck Jaxel on
Thursday, 21 May 1998, at 5:30 a.m.


I've read about Turbo noises that sound like what your noise is.It was
on the Board here somewhere,the Turbo blades hit the case and cause a noise
that sounds like what you are describing..Hope its not...Something to look
at.Good Luck..
Chuck #VCOA 11095
82 244 DL
83 245 GLT


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