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Re: Oil filter assembly - 86 760T[740-760/1988] posted by Gary DiFrancesco on
Wednesday, 6 May 1998, at 2:49 p.m.

I had to replace these o-rings last year on my '87 740 Turbo. The oil was leaking pretty bad.

The second o-ring does in fact go between the oil cooler adapter and the extension. The big nut you see when the filter is removed has to be removed in order for the adapter to come off. You can't get at this nut with an open end wrench. You will have to use a deep socket. Can't remember which size it is, may be in the 28 to 30 mm range. So getting one in this size may be tough. I ended up borrowing a standard (SAE) size socket that happened to cross over to metric at the correct size. You will also have to remove the two cooling lines from the adapter.

When I did my replacement, I removed the whole assembly in order to replace both 0-rings. I think that the extension can be left in place. Loosening the oil line clamp should allow you to move the lines out of the way enough so that the adapter will come off easily with the extension still in place.

Make sure the new o-ring does not slip out of the slot while reinstalling the adapter. You can't really see the o-ring during this step, so using a little grease or something to hold it in place may be helpful. --
Gary DiFrancesco

Re: Oil filter assembly - 86 760T[740-760/1988] posted by Gary Roberts on
Wednesday, 6 May 1998, at 10:57 p.m.

Did this job today on 86 760T. The 86 has only 1 block o-ring. The good fit deep socket was SAE 1 1/8th". Metric equivalent is best guess 27mm.
Yes you are working blind on the block o-ring.
Had oil splashing on the block before, now have a dripping. The source is the plumbing fittings used to secure the lower oil cooler line to the oil cooler adaptor itself. Those fittings are rusted\seized. The only release I got was at the adaptor. Now I can't get it tightened back into place. There are seals for the plumbing, if you can get them released. Let me know if you need the part numbers.
The trick to releasing the adaptor from the oil filter screw-in shaft was definitely to release the oil lines at the front of the engine. And apply a little manual persuasion.
Picked up some smaller tools tonight for the fittings and will have another go in the AM.
Gary Roberts


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