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Re: HELP..SLEEVING B230FT "K" CYLINDERS!!![740-760/1988] posted by Topi on
Tuesday, 5 May 1998, at 6:18 p.m.

Sorry to hear you're having such a bad luck. It's very un-usual Volvo block to wear so much. Must have been owned by an animal. Give a call to AUTOSPORT and compare their prices for rebuit block/engine. Tel. 1-800-325 8866. If you buy an old block check for over heating. If the paint is burned next to the head, stay away. Also, are you aware that '84 to early '88 B230 blocks are NOT the same as later '88 & up? Look for a "K" block, with trust bearing at #5 position. BTW. Since you're in the NASCAR country, see if you can find a Buick V6 specialist. Buick V6 Turbo pistons can machined to fit to B230 block. You just mill off 1/4" and modify the rods. Cheap fix...Std Buick is 3.800". Volvo Std is 3.780".


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