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Re: Overdrive intermitently going off and on[740-760/88] posted by Alen on
Monday, 4 May 1998, at 5:47 p.m.

Your problem is definately the overdrive relay. You can replace it, or if you
are electrically inclined, you can repair it yourself and save some money.
In order to repair the relay, first remove it from the car. Then, remove the
cover from the outside of the relay. Inisde, you will find a cicuit board
will several electrical components attached to it. Flip the board over and
look at the soldering connections on the back. Resolder any connections which
do not look right. The good connections should be shiny and have a sharp, pointy look. Any bad connections may have a brown ring around them, are rounded,look dull, etc. After you are finished, replace the cover and put the relay back into the car. This method can effectively repair the overdrive relay in many cases and only takes about 15 minutes if you are good at soldering. I have repaired several different overdrive relays this way.

1982 244 DL


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