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Re: 84 B23 temp sensor test/removal[740-760/88] posted by Steve Seekins on
Monday, 4 May 1998, at 10:23 a.m.

Rather than removing the main connector at the ECU, I often find it easier to test sensors by plugging in test leads connected to an old plug salvaged from one of the now famous deteriorated wiring harnesses. I just keep enough wire to easily reach with my meter, and I remove the wire locking bail so that I can easily plug and unplug the test connector.

Of course, for a temp sensor, you really need to know the temperature to know if the resistance is correct - and for this you need to remove it and put it in a beaker of water or coolant with a thermometer and heat/cool it.

Note that there have been several reports of these thermisters having intermittant outputs - works fine for some of its range, but then either shorts or goes open circuit for the remainder, so you may wish to check it through the entire range of operation.
Steve Seekins,


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