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Re: tranny shudder in 122[122/1964] posted by Steve Seekins on
Monday, 4 May 1998, at 10:16 a.m.

In addition to the motor and tranny mounts, you should also inspect the rear suspension torque rod and trailing arm bushings - if worn or dried and cracked, they will contribute a lot to a shuddering drive train.

The tranny job is relatively easy to do - the Volvo manual trannies are easy to handle. Get a good manual - if you don't already have a factory manual, you can get a photocopy of one from Stephane LaPoint in Canada. After disconnecting all linkage, driveshaft, and bell housing bolts. you can crawl under the tranny, feet toward the front. Have a friend help to pry the bell housing away from the block while you grab the tranny and wiggle/pull to the rear. When it is free, just let it rest on your chest and roll out from under the car. Reinstall the same way, supporting the bellhousing with your knees while you jockey it in. It will usually go in fine PROVIDED that you have properly lined up the clutch with a clutch alignment tool.
Steve Seekins,


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