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Loss of power / engine dies[240-260/1981] posted by Brent Avery on
Sunday, 3 May 1998, at 4:44 p.m.

Some further input on the persistant stalling & surging I have been experiencing
with my '81 245 GLE ( with a transplanted '87 B230F ) . Except for a dead
AAM ( replaced ) the car has run fine for 3 years . In a message posted on
Apr. 27 I suspected the fuel pump relay , after trying 3 I am certain it is
either ignition or electrical ( wiring harness ) . 3 or 4 days ago I was driving
in town at night when the engine quit and along with it I had no idiot lights
in the instrument cluster and the voltage gauge went dead as well . I pulled
over and attempted to start the car but nothing would work - although the
lights were still functioning . A couple of minutes later on come the dash
lights and the car started up and off I went . In 3 or 4 kilometers the car
quit running at least 4 times and sometimes it would lose power while
driving to the point of almost stalling and then it would suddenly regain
power . In almost every instance the alternator light would glow brightly
and I would hear a relay click and the volt gauge reading would drop off.
The original alternator was suspect ( brushes were worn ) so I replaced it
I have an aftermarket ign. coil ( Jacobs ) but I don't see any problem
there . Is it normal to see light sparking on the ( - ) side of the coil ?
I experienced this while checking for voltage continuity with a tester - it
happened with a stock coil as well . I read some messages that were
posted relating to wiring harness deterioration but the one in this car
appears to be in good condition . I checked all the grounding points that
I could find , the fuse box & fuses , replaced the ignition switch ( electrical )
and inspected all the connectors relating to the LH Jetronic system - everything
seems to be ok. Granted it is a difficult one to diagnose and it looks like I am
heading for a repair shop.All I can say is that the car runs well otherwise but
the problem persists warm or cold . It still surges to 2,000 rpm as well.

Re: Loss of power / engine dies[240-260/1981] posted by john on
Saturday, 9 May 1998, at 9:01 p.m.

I had similar symptoms from a loose/dirty connection for power supply wire to the FI and ign systems at the battery. A small red wire at the + battery terminal goes to a 25A fuse on the LF inner fender panel. With the power on the supply to the system relay was batt voltage. When cranking and the relay closed, the voltage was down to 1.5 volts. This told me the problem was in the supply to the system relay.
Good luck


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