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Those door speaker "fasteners"...[940-960/91] posted by Eric D. on
Sunday, 3 May 1998, at 9:24 a.m.

Hi everyone,

I've got two factory speaker-related questions:

1) I'm planning on replacing the factory door-mounted speakers in my 940, but after pulling the speaker grilles off the door panels, I noticed the speakers themselves were secured with unfamiliar round "fasteners" of some kind, and not regular screws. The fasteners have a very small depression in the center and appear to have a very slight Phillips-looking groove in them, but none of the screwdrivers I had were small enough to fit. I'm wondering how to remove these things.

2) Also, what's the best way to remove the grilles on the dash-mounted speakers? I'd like to replace these at some point as well, but I want to make sure I don't wreck the grilles in the process of trying to remove them.

Any suggestions would be great!



'90 780T
'91 940T

Re: Those door speaker "fasteners"... continued.[940-960/91] posted by Eric D. on
Sunday, 3 May 1998, at 3:50 p.m.

Thanks for the feedback, Stoney and Josh...

>The things that secure the speakers to the doors could be either RIVETS (UGH Gimme my DREMEL tool, Jack!) or TORX screws (looks like an allen hex
screw but the damn wrench won't fit!) or have the mighty Gods of Swedish Audio figgerd out another "Dealer Tech Only Tool" to make us buy?

Right now I'm leaning more towards them being "rivets". I took a close look at the miniscule thread pattern in the center of these things and it doesn't look like an allen hex pattern. The Dremel suggestion sounds good to me... :-)

>How did you get the grills off? I plan to replace the rear door speakers in my 94 945t (one has an annoying buzz) and probably the front door speakers too.

Actually, getting the grilles off was the easy part (I was surprised myself). Just push/pull them to the right, towards the door hinge, and they should slide and pop right off. They appear to be secured with a compbination of pegs and tabs which slide and snap into place. Now the dashboard grilles, I have no idea how those come off.

What are you planning to install to replace them? I have been told that Boston Acoustics CX5 drop right in to the back, and the CX6 require a slight trim to fit the

I was thinking Bostons myself. I've got the old 757's in the doors of my 780 and 797's on the rear deck, and I love how they sound. I'll probably look into the CXs, or maybe their new Rally series 5 1/4" two-ways. Anything to get rid of those chintsy paper factory speakers.

>Once I have the grills off I can confirm whether the speakers are mounted with a torx screw (6-pointed star head) as Stoney suggested.

Let me know what you think. They sure don't look like anything familiar, so I'm ready to plug in the drill. :-)


Re: Those door speaker "fasteners"...[940-960/91] posted by Steve Seekins on
Monday, 4 May 1998, at 12:18 p.m.

Biggest thresd in weeks!!!

They are, if fact, Pop Rivets. Use a drill - select a high speed bit that is slightly smaller than the head of the rivet. Drill carefully - when the drillgoes far enough, the head will fall off and you can push the remainder of the pop rivet through to the other side where it will reside forever in the muck at the bottom if the door unless you remove the door panel to remove them.

If you install aftermarket speakers with larger magnets than the original, you will likely have to do some sheet metal cutting to clear the magnets - the Volvo speakers have relatively small magnets. If you want to pull new wires, try using the old ones to pull the new ones back through from the door to the inside. The door grommets are pretty good sized, so you should be able to get some decent wires pulled without too much trouble.
Steve Seekins,


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