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Misc HiPo Upgrade Questions[V70/98] posted by Sleepless in Chicago on
Sunday, 17 May 1998, at 3:17 p.m.

Well, here goes ...

I have read quite a bit about Volvo performance upgrades on this site, so I thought I would seek out the advice of some obviously well-informed users before I make my purchase decision. Here's my current thought process:

Purchase new 1998 V70 T-5
Upgrade ECU (IPD unit)
Upgrade Exhaust (IPD)
Do the K&N Filter thing
Upgrade to Brembo brakes (calipers in front, discs all around, ss lines, etc)
Upgrade sway bars and install strut tower brace
Upgrade to BBS RX (17" to fit the brakes) with (probably) 225-45ZR17 Comp T/A

My question(s) are typical (any problems/issues/good or bad experiences with any/all products) but search as I might, I have not found anyone listing the combination of products above on a single vehicle. Does anyone out there have any experience with this type of a setup(+/-)?

Car will be used only on weekends, mostly for around town, and for driving schools. Probably won't put 7,500 miles a year on it, but many will be with the foot to the floor at Road America/Gingerman/Black Hawk driving schools. I'm also interested in whether the basic chassis is capable of handling the additional stress the components listed above could impart on a car (i.e., anyone see cracked strut towers, premature ball joint failure, overheating, turbo disintegration, etc?).

Also, I've had BMWs with similar mods and the dealers take a liberal view of warranty issues (that is, I haven't had too much trouble getting things taken care of). I know a lot of this is dealer dependent, but does anyone know how Volvo USA feels about some of the things listed above?

Finally, what's up with IPD's ECU upgrade? I get the impression it's not even 48/49 state legal, but does it negatively affect emissions (I live in a state that checks those kinds of things, too)?

Thanks for your help. I've really enjoyed reading your responses to others' questions and hope you don't mind repeating yourselves for my benefit.


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