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98 S70: battery/engine noise[S70/1998] posted by Tony on
Sunday, 17 May 1998, at 3:41 a.m.

Do I have a lemon or is it just the 98 S70?

Within 2 weeks and no warning... dead battery. Really dead! But before battery death and after jump start resurection, engine continues to idle when in D or R with a low rumble that rises and fade, as if the engine is still deciding whether it should run smoothly or not. Shifting gears from P to R or D produces an audible clunk and then a hesitation before the transmission is set. Accelerate and noise just blows out of the muffler.

I took my complaints to a nearby Volvo service. The mechanic listened and then shrugged when I picked up my car: Sir, that's how the car is built. No more front muffler in the S70. If I had a turbo model, the goose honk would diminish during acceleration. And he detected no revealing computer code that might indicate transmission problems. So nothing is wrong. Really? My '89 740 (no turbo) responds and sounds better. But he did replace the battery.

Will take auto to a more responsive Volvo service department next. Besides the lifeless battery issue, has anyone experienced engine noise/transmission problems with their new S70? Suggestion for appropriate contact at Volvo to lodge complaint?

Re: 98 S70: battery/engine noise[S70/1998] posted by abe crombie on
Monday, 18 May 1998, at 12:06 p.m.

Your description of problem is a little sketchy, but it sounds like your engine fuel management computer was losing its memory due to weak battery and it was not adjusted when you started and ran engine. The battery will sometimes start the engine when it is weak but the voltage level in electrical system will go very low due to the high drain of starter motor on weakened battery. When this occurs the parameters stored in computer will be lost and it will default to a relatively lean starting point until engine runs long enough to warm up and computer has opportunity to readjust and store parameters once again. Has the running condition returned to normal? If so then you will likely not have anything more to worry about.
This age of multiple computers doing more things gives new types of symptoms than you might have ever experienced before.


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