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REMOVING 850 BRAKE PAD SQUEAL!![850/1993] posted by Paul Elliott on
Saturday, 16 May 1998, at 4:20 p.m.

IMPORTANT NEWS FOLLOWS!!!! How many of you have purchased the Repco (PBR, AXXIS) DELUXE brake pads in an effort to deal with the prodigious amount of dust which emanates from the stock brake pads, only to find that the squeal which emanates from the rears is next to impossible to completely quell! I've attempted the following: covering the pad rears, and the anti squeal shims with loads of silicon grease. When this didnt work I tried covering the anti squeal shims with teflon tape followed by a wrap of duct tape. Again, no success. Now this is strange, because what usually causes the squeal particularly on the fronts, but also sometimes on the rears, is the resonance created by the interraction between the caliper pistons, and the pads. Since the tape provided a firm, but semi-soft surface for the pistons, the fact that squeal was still created led me to believe something else was to blame..I next tried the new style anti squeal shims Volvo noted in a TSB, which has a cut out section, which you install facing downward in the calipur. But again, the same squeal returned.

Therefore, I had a hunch that it might be the anti squeal shims themselves, which might be the problem...My hunch was that a vibration was set up between the pins which hold everything in place, and the shims, through which the pins are driven. So, on the major offender, the rear left wheel, I tried removing the shims...In their place, I used the IPD backing material which they sell to quiet sqealing...In effect, its just aluminum which is barely tacky enough to stick to the pad backs. I think foil, or even good use of silicon grease would have worked as well. But the main factor which contributed to my finally getting rid of the squeal, was getting rid of those damn anti squeal shims!!

Hopefully, this tip will help those of you who have had a similar problem. Of course, the stock rear pads were quiet for me, but the amount of dust was ridiculous. Particularly vexing when you consider how attractive the Volvo 16" and 17" wheels are. --
95 Volvo 854T, 22,000 mi, 25mm Sway Bars,280 hp by IPD/TME: ECU, Turbo exhaust, K&N; Brakes by Repco


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