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Flat tire after only 4800 miles[V70/98] posted by pat on
Tuesday, 12 May 1998, at 10:45 a.m.

Just got back from a week vacation to find my V70T5's XGTv4 left-rear tire flat. I'm having it checked out later to see if it's under Michellins warranty. Assuming I need it replaced, is 4800 miles enough to mean I need to replace the other tire too to avoid misalignment or ride changes?

If for some reason they can't find a leak (some local prankster maybe?), is the tire still safe now that the weight of the car has been sitting on it in a flat position for a few days now?


Re: Flat tire after only 4800 miles[V70/98] posted by Edward Mills on
Saturday, 16 May 1998, at 2:24 p.m.

Flat tires are generally caused by puncture (you ran over something) or less likely leak from something like a faulty valve or vandalizm (look for missing valve (button in middle). Also remote possibility of bead damage during mounting but that would have shown up immediately not at 4800 miles.

99+% probability is puncture. Take it to a tire dealer and get it checked - If nothing obvious like a nail screw or piece of glass, they will probably put air in it and put it into a tub of water to look for bubbles. Get it fixed from inside (do not let them put in a plug from outside without dismounting). If they mark the valve location on tire and remount in same position, they should not have to rebalance the assembly.

This is generally not covered under warranty as it is not a defect, but rather a normal occurrence. Some Tire dealers will sell you a repair / replacement warranty with new tires (typically about $40 per set, but may be more as it has been awhile) which will cover such things, but cost of repair should be about $10. Unless you are in an area with a lot of debris, the odds are in their favor.

As to replacement, unless there is a big hole or hole is in sidewall where it can't be repaired, or unless the tire has been run flat or low enough air pressure to damage tire beyound the puncture, I doubt you will need to replace tire. If you do, I doubt if 4800 miles is enough wear to worry about as to matching other tires so long as you put same XGTV4 model back on. --
Edward Mills


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