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Re: ATF renewal[850/97] posted by Bruce McKellar on
Saturday, 9 May 1998, at 5:03 a.m.

Whomever designed the skid plate had the same logic as Volvo about changing the ATF (read: never needs to be done) because the skid plate needs to be removed in order to access the 24mm drain plug - which those damn power steering lines are right in the way (if all you have is a deep well socket, like I did, the lines needed to be pulled back so the end of the socket will clear the lines and turn - Just make sure you have a standard socket and a 3-6" extension) what are they doing running under ther for?

The skid plate really isn't that big of a deal to remove anyway; just thought it interesting that the ATF is not considered a servicable item thus no access/hole in the skidplate.




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