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Dash Woodtrim Kit from Exotic Woods (BAD EXPERIENCE)[V70/1998] posted by frederick rountree on
Thursday, 7 May 1998, at 6:40 p.m.

I have just gotten off the phone with the people from Exotic Wood trim and I'm mad as HE**! I ordered the 18 piece full wood trim package for my V70 and paid $284.00. The kit arrived 5 days later with two of the pieces cracked. When I called, they said no way, that dosn't happen to their kits but when I said that it did they started to argue with me. Finally, they said to send the pieces back so that the wood could be matched, which I agreed to do. I then tried to "dry" fit the pieces to my dash so that there would be no mistakes, and that if there were, I could take of them in one mailing. Four of the vent pieces and two of the rear console were too long to fit properly. I called them again and attempted to return the kit for a full refund. NO WAY they said, that it didn't fit, and that I was too particular about how things went. The bottom line is that they said that they guarantee satisfaction or your money back. Nothing was said about a %25 restocking fee (amounts to a $71.00 charge + $18.00 postage) at the time of order (their web page said nothing) but the fine print on the invoice did. When I tried to reason, they got semi-nasty and said that they have Volvo dealerships that order from them for dozens of their kits and have NO complaints and offered 10 phone numbers to verify the fit. I refused and finally called the credit card company to dispute the charges and will be returning the kit. The company said to call Exotic Woods back and inform them of the dispute....which I did. Exotic Woods said that they would tie up my account for 5-6 months and earn the interest from the amount I paid them. WHAT A RIPOFF! I have since reordered from Joshua Tree and am hoping that things will finally fit. I would appreciate your comments about your experiences with either company. Rick. --
1981 245 TGO, 1984 240 GLA, 1985 745 TGO, 1989 244 DL, 1991 745 TGA, 1998 V70 AWD

Re: Dash Woodtrim Kit from Exotic Woods (BAD EXPERIENCE)[V70/1998] posted by JTMav on
Friday, 8 May 1998, at 7:47 a.m.


I hate to do this but you should know some people have had dissappointing experiences with Joshua Tree as well.(downside of e-commerce) You may want to check with your dealership and see if they could recommend a vendor to you. See if they have an installed kit on the showrom floor and if it meets your expectations. The Parts manager might be a good source for this. Good Luck.

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