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Re: Amplifier Add-On / IPD Wiper Relay, Strut Tower Brace, Engine Bushing[V70/98] posted by pat on
Saturday, 2 May 1998, at 10:10 a.m.

If you feel that the stock system already sounds 'so good' then I probably wouldn't invest in the extra amp. It will give you more power with less distortion but if your 850 speakers are anything like the ones in my V70, then the speakers themselves are limiting you also and you won't get the full benefit of the amp. Once you get into more amps,etc, in my opinion there's no point unless you're going to biamplify. A 30x4 with a 100x1 sub will sound a lot better anyday than a 4x100 without a dedicated sub. Then again, it's just a simple plug in (at least it is on mine) . Maybe you could find a dealer that has one and ask them to plug it in for you and then make the decision.

Several forum members have bought the IPD relay and all have good comments. Only 'bad' thing I've heard is that it has a slight clicking everytime it pulses, but this was minor.

Do your sway-bars and shocks before you do the strut-brace.

The engine bushing would really only be worth it if your current one is worn out/broken. I've heard that it's a stiffer bushing and that it transmits more engine vibrations through the firewall.



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