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Re: Any suggestions for bumper paint touch-ups?[850/1995] posted by Paul Elliott on
Friday, 1 May 1998, at 10:46 a.m.

I've dealt with scratches pretty effectively. Alot depends on how deep they are. If the scratch of 'scuff' is just on the clear coat layer then a product like Meguiars #9 Swirl Remover, or any other quality clear-coat safe polish or safe abrasive product will do the job. If its through the clear coat, then you have to to some touch up. Best is Volvo's touch up paint which comes in a 2 bottle system: 1 is the color and the other is the clear for your colorcode from the dealer. Basically the process involves cleaning out the scratch, applying 2 or more coats of color, letting it settle for several days, as the new paint will appear to be 'above' the layer of surrounding paint at first, but when it dries thououghly, will shrink, so that successive applications may be required to bring it up to just above the level of surrounding paint...After you. You may decide to add a coat or 2 of clear....but I havent found this really necessary. Then, you take the polish mentioned above, and very carefully, try and buff the area down to level of the surrounding paint. Some folks like to use a very fine 600 or greater wet sand paper to knock it down, followed by polish... You may or may not want to do this. Make sure, though, you wait several days before doing this step, as the applied paint must have enough time to thoroughly settle, otherwise the job will be sunken in. Ive found patience to be the biggest friend you have when doing these types of jobs, so dont rush it.

Also, if you do a few searches on the internet, you'll find alot of advice for fixing dings, scratches, etc. good luck. --
'95 854T - 21000 mi; IPD: sport exhaust-ECU-Sway Bars;K&N;Repco;Michelin XGTV4


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