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Why am I so suspicious . . .[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Friday, 23 May 1997, at 8:54 a.m.

If you've caught an earlier thread of mine, I told of my dealer refusing to replace my timing belt and camshaft damper @ 40k under warranty. As a non-warrany item, it would cost over $400. Before Volvo of NA got into it, he offered to eat the cost of the damper + its installation, if I was willing to pick up the cost of the belt and its installation. This was offered as a "good will" jesture. The price he quoted was $200 and change.

After settling the dispute through Volvo, I had it replaced under warranty. Guess wat the ticket says the whole job was?

You guessed it: $200.93. I realize there are discrepencies between what Volvo will pay as mechanics time when working under warranty and the time they might actually spend.

But according to a trusted Volvo mechanic friend, that only occurs when something simpy take longer for some unforseen reason , like a rusted bolt etc. He remembers the book time for changing over a belt is 1.0 hours, or $65 in the hourly rate for the Baltimore dealer. The belt was listed at under $20 and the service kit was about $50, although these may have been deal prices.

Am I paranoid or is this guy playing the shell game with me?

Re: Why am I so suspicious . . .[ALL/1998] posted by Mark Klein on
Friday, 23 May 1997, at 10:35 p.m.

Don't sweat it. There are sometimes big discrepancies in what normal flat rate time for a particular job and what Volvo will pay for the same repair done under warranty. Their original offer of doing the "additional" labor to install the damper is a shallow offer. There isn't much to it once you have the belt off. Technically, you're supposed to degree the cams in, but it can be accurately done without doing that.


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