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1984 240GL RUST !!!!![ALL/1998] posted by Dennis M. Demessianos on
Thursday, 8 May 1997, at 5:12 p.m.

I would appreciate any thoughts on rust repair for the 240 series. I have large holes in the trunk in the wells on both sides , does any body make an insert or anything to repair this ? Also I have large holes in the rear seat floor area. Best way to repair ? Cheapest way to repair. Car has 230,000 miles on it and so this must be a cost effective repair. Thanksl

Re: 1984 240GL RUST !!!!![ALL/1998] posted by Stoney on
Friday, 9 May 1997, at 3:41 p.m.

Dennis, The best way is to get in touch with a salvage yard and have them supply the parts from a donor car. They can cut the metal oversize and leave you room to weld or rivet. Any good local welder can do the work and since it is an area painted black the color can hide the weld. The other idea is to go to Home Depot and buy galvanized steel sheets and cut patch pieces to fit using tin snips. Pop rivet them i place and use a seam sealer or caulk to fill any seams then udercoat using Eastwoods spray undercoating and it shouldn't be too ugly.

The floorboard should be the same but be sure that the area supporting the gas tank front flange is ok.

FWIW are you the same Dennis M. Demessianos that used to work for the Travel Channel in NYC? If so Hi I spent 10 days in Germany with you in 1990.

Re: 1984 240GL RUST !!!!![ALL/1998] posted by Dennis M. Demessianos on
Friday, 16 May 1997, at 5:10 p.m.

Stoney, Thanks for the advice ! Yes it's me, how many people could have that name !!! Best Wishes, Dennis


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