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service light[ALL/1998] posted by Michael Cooper on
Thursday, 8 May 1997, at 3:54 p.m.

Our 850 is coming up on 15K. How can I disconnect the service loght when it comes on? I plan to do the servicing myself.

Thanks for your help.\

M. Cooper

Re: service light[ALL/1998] posted by Henry T. Mui. on
Friday, 9 May 1997, at 12:58 a.m.

Micheal; There is no way that you can turn off the service light on the 850 without spending @$300.00 from IPD for a Service Light Reset Tool. Part #NZ5570. 1-800-444-6473. My advice to you is to let your local Volvo service dealer do the job. By the way the above SLRT tool only works for 96' and 97' 850 models! The reset module fits in the OBDII socket located in front of the gearshift lever. You turn on the key. The software in the SLRT will transmit the required instructions to the vecicle's computer and turn off the service light. Not the the older 900 series or the 700 and 200 series. Those at lest had a button somewhere you can push to shut the service light off. These new cars have more expensive shut off modules. Also you can go to your local Volvo parts Dept. and ask them how much would it cost for their reset tool! But, I bet it would be big bucks!! Secondly you can always ask the Volvo Guys to see if there is any way around of not using the tool to turn the service light off. If you can get a straight answer from them!

Re: service light - Yes can be reset without tool[ALL/1998] posted by mark e. barron on
Friday, 9 May 1997, at 9:33 a.m.

Procedure for Resetting the Service Interval Light on Volvo 850

Note : I have not verified this procedure - it came from someone at Compuserve

Go to the "A" on-board diagnostics terminal. It is a 1" X 2" black plastic box in the engine compartment, located just to the right of the windshield washer filler cap. Lift the top. Put the little pin, attached to the top , into socket #7. Turn the ignition on, but don't start the car. Go back to the "A" terminal and push the little balck button next to the "A" 4 times at one second intervals. Wait and the light will come on.

Push the button once and wait for the light to go off, then come back on again.

Push the button 5 times and wait for the light to go out, then come back on .

Push the button once and wait for the light to flash. Remove the pin and put it back. Close the terminal.

Start the engine, and you are done for another 5K.

Re: service light - Yes can be reset without tool[ALL/1998] posted by Nick Gidakos on
Friday, 9 May 1997, at 10:06 a.m.

Hi everybody,

I have a 95 850 and the service light did come on at just under 25K(miles). I went to the delership and I aske what is the 25K service and the service advisor said only oil change. I said I did that already and the service advisor offered to turn it off for me. They did it while I was waiting (about 3-5 minutes). Free of charge of course. My service light came on again before at like 12K and I also went to the dealer and I said I did the 10K service why should the lightcome on. He said it should not. He walk right outside with me and turned it of for me doing something simmilar with the pin. Lesson: let them do it for you i do not beleive they will charge you or take any time at all.(one of my dealer- the 25K one- is in California, and the other one -12K- was in Maryland where I bought the car from) These guys care about how you rate them on the Volvo surveys thatI get all the time-I am fair to them- so they will be nice to you). Hey they want you to be back there in the future.



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