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'86 240DL Wagon tailgate replacement?[ALL/1998] posted by Dana on
Thursday, 8 May 1997, at 7:17 a.m.

My '86 250DL wagon has rust damage along the bottom of the tailgate door. This seems to be a problem in hard winter, rains all the time Ohio, since I've seen several other wagons with the same problem.

Is there a good source (or any at all) out there for replacement tailgate doors and/or other body parts? Also, is there any way to avoid this problem in the future (assuming I can locate a rust- free door?) I think water somehow gets inside the door itself.

Thanks, Dana

Re: '86 240DL Wagon tailgate replacement?[ALL/1998] posted by Stoney on
Friday, 9 May 1997, at 3:11 p.m.

Dana, Try they are a major Volvo salvage operation in MA. The guy to talk to is Roy his email is The rough cost, from my experience, is about $350. The nice thing is you might get one close to your color.

Also try these guys in AZ they probably have more rust free parts RevolvStore 5275 E Drexel Rd Tucson, AZ 85706 800.288.6586, 28V-OLVO parts, body panels cut to spec

They don't have a web site, sorry!

Based on my own 3 245 wagons, 78,79 & 82 and having replaced both hinges, wiring and wiper motors in at least one or all of the above and looking at my buddys 87 245 with tailgate cancer, here's the poop.

The rubber gasket around the rear window is frequently loose and dry so water can easily get inside, that's why Volvo has all the lovely drain holes, But the anti-rust treatment leaves MUCH to be desired. My recommendation is when you buy a new one get Eastwood's spray anti-rust treatment. It is that yellow spray that seals the surface. When I replaced metal on my 82 wagon and sandblasted the tailgate before painting I sprayed this stuff all over the inside after painting. Only in no public areas as this stuff looks UGLY. But after 2 nasty winters 93/94 no rust in those areas.(unfortunately not everywhere else).

Hope this helps,

B & D Parts Online


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