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'82 240DL Blower Fan Whistling [ALL/1998] posted by Dave on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 5:30 p.m.

Anybody ever had problems with the blower fan for the climate control? Works fine on fan setting 1, whistles very loudly on 2,3,4...Can't hear my stereo over all the racket...Does it need to be replaced or just repaired, lubed?

Re: '82 240DL Blower Fan Whistling [ALL/1998] posted by Peter Bins on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 6:27 p.m.

Lube, lube, lube.

I JUST (still have oil on my hands) fixed MY squeeky howl thanks to this web site.

The problem is that Volvo built their fan assembly with bushings instead of bearings. They need to be oiled periodically. Volvo's solution is to sell you a new blower motor... but all it needs is lubrication.

The amazing trick that I learned care if James Stoney is that all you have to do is to "pull the center console-radio-heater-etc. plastic panel off (4 screws) and pull the underlying metal frame (4 more screws) back enough to provide minimal access to the blower motor case." I then used a 1/4" drill to "cut" two 1" square holes in the plastic motor case. (A dremel tool and knife were recommended... but I don't have a dremel.)

The holes provide reasonable view and access to the motor shaft and bushings. I sprayed some WD-40 type lubricant with a swizzle stick (straw). A foaming white grease was recommended and it sounds like a good idea... the WD-40 is pretty thin stuff. I used duct tape to cover up the two holes.

Let me know if you need more information. Peter Bins


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