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'87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Peter Bins on
Sunday, 4 May 1997, at 1:56 p.m.

Can anyone tell me where the blower motor is for my heater. I want to replace it... it sounds like it has a broken bearing. It makes a very loud howl when it's turned on... so you think I could follow the noise... but I hate to disassemble the whole front end if someone knows where it is. In a perfect world, someone would have a mechanics manual and could fax it to me at 414 208-0275... or e-mail a response to me at Any ideas will be appreciated.

Peter Bins
Peter Bins Home Page

Re: '87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Henry T. Mui. on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 3:13 a.m.


Will fax. you what you require. May suggest that if you are interested, you might like to get the steel bushings replaced with ball bearings. The cost is @$75.00-$90.00 U.S.,plus old motor core, plus shipping. The person who does this is Mr. Bill Cheb.

9828 79 th. Street.

Edmonton,Alberta. Canada. T6A-361.

Phone# 1-403-456-4960.

My 84' 240GL makes that same loud howling noise when the tempurature drops! I refuse to fix it because I've been waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can put it off until next winter!

The info. will arrive by fax. within 24 hour of this posting.

Good luck!

With regards,

Henry T. Mui.

Re: '87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Peter Bins on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 10:41 a.m.

Thanks for the Canadian contact! Is he on e-mail too?

Now, how do I get the blower motor out. I understand it is quite a job... For starts, do I approach it from the driver side or the passenger side... and what parts come off first? From the looks of it, the way to build a Volvo 245DL Wagon is as follows:

1. Start with a blower motor fan. 2. Assemble all other components around blower motor fan.

I'm perhaps a little afraid I'm going to have 6000 pieces all over my garage floor, waiting for my bearing modified motor to arrive from Canada.

Great to know it's a metal bushing, not bearings making the noise.

Re: '87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Henry T. Mui. on
Tuesday, 6 May 1997, at 12:57 a.m.


Please find below the E-mail address for Bill Cheb:

You send him a money order, he sends you one that is alredy rebuilt (fan motor). Then you send him your old one you removed.

As for removal of the fan motor, you are right it's quite a job. You must be careful of the wiring in and around the heat control panel. Remember alway disconnect the negative ground (strip) wire from the battery terminal. If you do not than you will short something. I've done that a few time when I started many moons ago!

Don't worry about having 6000 pieces on the garage floor. I don't think there are that many. As you can see from the Faxes I've sent you will need to remove the glove box and the upper center air vent and follow the instructions. wait until you have the replacement motor before you set out to replace it.

Re: '87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Fred Boudreaux on
Wednesday, 7 May 1997, at 12:56 p.m.

Henry, I've replaced the blower motor in my '75 164E in the usual way, and I can tell you it was quite a job. However,about a week after my ordeal I got to see the job done in just over half an hour. If memory serves me correctly,the motor and fan were extracted thru an opening cut into (I beleive ) the drivers side of the plastic fan housing.The entire heater/evaporator housing and all the related duct work remained in place. A circular hole slightly larger than the fan & motor was made in the plastic housing using a small Dremmel motor and Burr bit. The Replacement motor & fan was bolted to the cutout portion. The new assembly was tacked in place with a few touches from a hot glue gun. The ~ 1/8" kerf left by the burr grinder was sealed with a thickeden epoxy. I'm not sure if this proceedure will work on your later model 240, but I'd do some investigating before I undertook that job again. Good Luck, Fred Boudreaux

Re: '87 245DL Wagon - Location of Heater Fan -Technical Question[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 10:48 a.m.

This problem has been one of the most persistent aggravation of the Volvo since the 30K water pump. I think Volvo should bit the bullet on this one and give customers a break. Elecrolux, I believe is the builder on these fans and they have been redesigned two or three times in the last 15 or so years. I think that in about 89 or 90 they finally came up with a suitable design which will last, and of course is available for the older models. But in the meantime, I had already replaced a fan motor on my 87 and now its going out again becasue I wasn't fortunate enough to get the latest version. It is, as most people who have worked on them know, an enormous pain in the butt to replace it, having to take out the entire dash.


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