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'76 & '84 245DL Rear Wiper/Washer Broken[ALL/1998] posted by James R. Sassman on
Saturday, 3 May 1997, at 2:25 a.m.

Is this something that I can repair myself? I really don't think it should be too difficult. Also, the front washer is not working on either car. Is this an easy fix or not? Any info you can provide would be helpful. Incidentally, I have replaced a lot of stuff myself on the '76 which I have owned since bought new in '76! I love it!

Re: '76 & '84 245DL Rear Wiper/Washer Broken[ALL/1998] posted by Stoney on
Saturday, 3 May 1997, at 10:59 a.m.

James, It's not a tough fix to do. First fix the front washer and check the wiring, fuses, ground point, etc. If the relay for wipers is ok, its under floor below drivers feet-it can get wet and fail or was replaced with wrong relay, go to tailgate.Pull headliner at rear left and right corners, disconnect wires leading to hinges and check for ground and voltage, if ok remove tailgate panel and go to connections on motor. Check continuity with wires inside left and right corners, if no joy do this.

Get a 6 ft ladder, 2-5 1/2 ft 2x4's , a bungee cord, several phone books, metric sockets, reg screwdriver, masic or putty sealer(grey stuff), and voltmeter.

Put ladder under tailgate when its in full open position, fill any space between tailgate and ladder with phone books, when tailgate is braced use bungee cord to hold tailgate handle to ladder and move to gas door props. Unclip mounting and fold them back use duct tape to hold em in place. Move to hinge bolts. Remove hinge bolts on body and then prop up front of tailgate w 2x4's and fold back hinges. Remove bolt from tailgate and remove hinge. Check continuity of ground wire inside hinge, if ok then remove wires thru holes and check for breaks and chafing. Replace any bad wireing with Volvo parts they fit and do not pinch during install. (I tried and discovered my error 2 weeks after cheap DIY fix with Radio Shack wire).

Right hinge wires are wiper, washer is in rear right saddle bag on 75-78 and in front enginre compartment 79-93. Also check defogger wires and power lock wires as well. Take care not to tear rubber gasket under hinge.Use a lot of putty/mastic to seal afre new wires are in, look for where the putty was when you removed hinges and use it as a guide for new stuff. Don't be afraid to use a lot. The life of your tailgate is at risk. You are sealing out water and rust. The putty works against water being forced under gasket at 70+ mph ! Not to mention acid rain, chemical smog, etc. A gasket gets no breaks in life...

Reinstall the hinge, and check wires for +12volts and ground, then operate wiper, lock, etc. Put it all back together from tailgte to body and check alignment as you close.


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