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960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Thursday, 1 May 1997, at 10:31 a.m.

Saw an unknown year 960 (likely pre daytime running lights because no lights were on) with axillary lights mounted under the bumper, , at either end of the spoiler. Making a gross overgeneralization about the driver, I suspect these are a Volvo option, not custom installed. Since the 960 comes with foglights, I guess these are aux. driving lights. Anyone know anthing about them? Are they helpful, easy to mount, etc.?

Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Theddy Cassaras on
Thursday, 1 May 1997, at 5:12 p.m.

These lights are more or less cosmetic. Can be helpful to some extent in very heavy fog, as they are placed very low. Still, they look nice......


Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Friday, 2 May 1997, at 8:05 a.m.

I did check with Volvo Customer Assistance here and the rep that helped me, while obviously new, could find no reference to an aux. light for the 960 that fit under the bumper. The closest thing would be the 850 fogs that mount there, but that would be somewhat redundant since our 960's come with fogs mounted to the inside of the headlamps...don't know about the swedish version. We concluded it must be an aftermarket driving light.

Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Theddy Cassaras on
Friday, 2 May 1997, at 3:11 p.m.

I think that fog lights were inside the headlamps up to and including 1994 year model. From the 1995 model, when they introduced the "new" 960 with a rebuilt front, it got separate lamps for full and dipped headlights on the Swedish market, before we had only single headlights with double function full/dipped, while the cars for the American market had double lights with separate functions. The earlier version had also in Sweden fog lights within the headlamps, but this was altered in -95. Now you get extra fog (or aux) lights fit in the spoiler under the bumper. Here I think it is optional, over there I don't know. Still, I must make a reservation for special arrangements for the cars going to the American market, though I think that it's the same today for both markets.

By the way, do you know that from this year they have changed the model name from 960 to S 90 / V 90 (for the estate)? It's a follow up from last years change from 850 into S 70/ V 70 / C 70.


Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 10:37 a.m.

Although, my view of this mystery car was fleeting and from my rearview mirror, I believe it had the integrated foglamps mounted inside the hi/lo headlamps. There were no daytime running lights burning either which leads me to believe it was pre-95(?). I have not seen the new S/V90 yet so don't know what they have done to make more things extra cost options yet. I'll keep my eyes open...

Regardless, it remains a mystery. I have actually seen this car twice now, so it wasn't a mirage. This time from the rear and it was labeled as a 960. Who knows, I may pull up along side of it one day at a traffic light and then I can ask him myself!

Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Theddy Cassaras on
Monday, 5 May 1997, at 11:22 a.m.

Up to and including the -94 model, fog lamps were integrated in the head lamps, all under one big glass on each side. From -95 model, no fog lamps in connention with the head lamps. Fog lamps fitted in the spoiler under the bumper. Up to -94, I think the American market had another option with double head lights (4 separate lamps) and no fog lamps. Can this be right? Maybe you saw a car that someone brought overseas from Europe when moving to the States?

There are no changes as to the S/V 90, at least no visible ones. They've just changed the model name, more or less, as far as I know anyway.


Re: 960 Aux. lights[ALL/1998] posted by Shatz on
Tuesday, 6 May 1997, at 8:10 a.m.

Yes, I wondered whether what I saw was purchased in Europe. It remains a conundrum, but I'll keep looking for it again.

By the way, my 92 960 does not have a single housing for the headlights and fogs. They are separate lenses. The hi/lo headlamps have glass lenses, while the fogs have Lexan lenses, unfortunately. They are mounted side-by-side, however, as you say.

My impression was that this car also had the same configuration, with the addition of these ither lamps under the bumper.

Thanks also for your insights into snow tires. I will look for the Bridgestone tire you mention come next winter.


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