V8 - 240 engine swap - 2.9L from 960

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240 engine swap - 2.9L from 960

Any swap is going to be relatively complex -- I think the error in your analysis is assuming that somehow the 2.9L swap is going to be easier than a V-8 swap. I don't think it will be any easier. If you're gonna go to the trouble, you might as well put something in that's gonna net you 225-250 EASY HP and over 300 lb-ft of torque.

Physics are physics - 3800 lbs. and 177HP will do what it can do. But I'll promise you it FEELS quicker than it actually is. By the way, the same fellow that makes the kits for the Volvo V8 swaps (Converse) also does V8 swaps into your style Benz.


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New 240 engine swap - 2.9L from 960
posted by  Crit  on Mon Nov 29 08:04 CST 2004 >

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