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tachometer adjustment

I have a 4 cyl tach and have successfully converted it over with a few resistors, not sure which combination worked the best since it's been so long, but it wasn't too much trouble. I double checked with a sunpro tach and matched it to within 100rpm (@ varying engine speeds) with the adjustment on the rear. I'm taking the gauges out again soon and can try to see which resistors I swapped if you're interested. It would be easier however, if I had a stock 4cyl tach to compare to. Never thought the correct combination would be needed by others.

I too called Ross Converse and he was reluctant to give me ANY information regarding the tach as I had not purchased a kit from him. After explaining to him that I would gladly pay for any info he could give me, I stated my case. He then said that he did not know how to convert the 4 cyl tach over to read correctly for a V8 and recommended to all his customers to acquire a V6 tach from a diesel and adjust to spec from there. He talked about the 7-series and how the resistor was accessed easily from the rear of the tach, and that the 240 was a different design that he did not understand, nor wanted to tackle. I asked him if he would be interested in the info if I could convert the 4 cyl tach over, he seemed skeptical that I would do it or that I'd give him the info, sooo I did it on my own and did not give him the correct resistor combination.
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New tachometer adjustment
posted by  someone claiming to be pgringo69  on Fri Dec 6 16:35 CST 2002 >

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