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best V8 in a Volvo 240

I am looking into using a Rover V8 in my 240 DL wagon. The Rover V8 is the follow on to the Buick/Olds 215 Aluminum V8 and is exceptionally light in comparison to the 350 Chevy or the Ford 5.0 or 4.6. By the way the guy from Maine who puts out the conversion kit for the Ford 5.0 expressly told me not to use the 4.6 in the Volvo. He had put a 4.6 in a Nissan and said it would not be a good swap for the Volvo.

The reason I like the Rover V8 is its powerful, you can get a 4.6 with a supercharger now, or you can get a 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, or 4.2. There are plenty of performance parts available for the engine.

The engine was recently sold by Ford to an American firm CMT? The engine will continue on. The Rover parts are available and plentiful into the foreseeable future.

Now heres the most interesting point about the Rover V8, apparently it can be bolted up to the AW70 transmission. When Rover produced their 3500 sedan back in the late 70s and early 80s they used the Rover 3.5 v8 and the BW55 transmission which is the 3 speed version of the AW70. In fact the BW55 was once used by Volvo in the 164!

The bellhousing on the AW70 looks like it can mate directly or with a little work right to the back of the Rover V8. I've got a spare AW71 and a Rover 4.0 short block and I'm going to try to dry fit them together.

The Rover is light, priced right, powerful, plentiful and if it mates directly to the AW70 or AW71 tranny it removes the major problem with V8 Volvo conversions, the modification to the transmission tunnel and the replacement of the transmission with either a Ford or GM 4 speed od tranny. Why add such additional weight to a car that is already too heavy? Also I thing the Rover V8 will make the Volvo an even better handling car. I don't think I'll need the front springs from the Volvo ambulance of the Diesel car to put the Rover V8 in the car. The 240 should be a neutral handling vehicle with sufficient power with the addition of the Rover V8. I'll let you know how thing go, but start looking at this alternative.


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New best V8 in a Volvo 240
posted by  seb8191  on Fri Nov 3 06:31 CST 2006 >

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