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'84 242 Auto to Manual Pedals... Uh Oh! Problems!

While waiting for front susp. parts, thought it would be a good time to swap out the auto trans pedal to the manual clutch/brake assy. on my '84 242DL Ford V8 T-5 project. And then-problems. The clutch/brake pedal assy from my '83 242 Turbo parts car has a simple single arm with about a 5mm clevis pin mounting for the clutch cable. I have a 2nd clutch/brake pedal assy. of unknown origin that came with a parts lot. It appears nearly identical, but has a very different and more elaborate, heavier duty mounting for the clutch cable- 3 welded on vertical arms and a plate with a slot and a formed groove. A new clutch cable, (also of unknown origin), came with this assembly that has a "T" end on it that seems to fit perfectly, so seems likely the pedal was intended for a cable clutch, not a hydraulic. The '83 turbo parts car is long gone and the clutch cable went with the motor when sold, so no way to compare.
Though I thought I stripped off every conceivable thing of possible use from the rusty hulk before it went to the crusher, it seems I missed taking the plate on the firewall that mounts the brake booster and the clutch/brake pedal assembly and the plates are different auto trans vs manual.
Looks like the manual trans pedals don't really attach directly to the plate, so maybe only drill the hole for the cable grommet?
And to this, on the clutch pedal side of both assys. on the side facing the firewall, there is a hole about an inch and a half in dia. Above and below this large hole are 2 smaller hole with weld nuts on the firewall side. The pedal assy from the '83 Turbo has a vacuum hose running through the large hole that feeds through a gasketted plate that lines up with the 2 smaller holes. The "unknown" assy shows no sign these 2 holes were ever used. I remember that the Turbo car was so pathetically under powered that the A/C would cut off when accelerating. Is that was this was for?
I've tried to find answers for these questions here and on other sites, but no luck.
Can anyone shed any light on any of this?


New '84 242 Auto to Manual Pedals... Uh Oh! Problems!
posted by  nortons  on Sun Dec 16 21:24 CST 2018 >

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