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130 AMP alternator

Hello all-

'93 940 wagon. Engine: Ford 5.0

Sadly, the original owner/builder passed away a few years ago and I have become a very grateful caretaker of this marvelous car. I have truly done my best to keep it in the best of shape but unfortunately never had the background of the original build required to do "Mods to the Mod."

Situation: The front bearing has failed on the 2G alternator. This setup had only 1 lead on the B+ output side.
Bought a PA Performance 3G alternator. It is installed with fused 2Ga leads to the battery.
RJM Injection Tech 3G Alternator harness is used to complete the installation.
All pretty straight forward to this point. Except for one 12 volt lead...

Peter- The green wire on the new 3G harness needs a 12 VDC source with the ignition switch in the "run" position.
Can you help me with the location/wire color to be used for my source (Back side of the IGN SW?).

Thanks for any help provided.



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New 130 AMP alternator
posted by  jgk  on Thu Jan 26 23:49 CST 2012 >

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