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PV 444 - Passed Down from Dad 444-544 1958

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but wanted to do a brief intro as I believe I will be using this a bunch in the future. (I couldn't get to the "introductions" forum area?)

My father purchased a 1958 (I believe) PV 444 a LONG time ago (1974, 1975?) from a nice old lady in St. Petersburg, Florida. It sat in our garage in St. Pete for MANY years as I was growing up. Quite torn apart, pieces everywhere - but well organized by Dad. I learned a lot about the car as I played ALL over it for 10 or so years. The large steering wheel, the chrome strips here and there... the large hole under the driver's seat later covered by a 35 MPH sign. The split windshield, the HUGE trunk. It was "my car" as I grew up. Dad messed around with it a little at a time. He eventually rebuilt the engine, the dual carbs. He actually had it running at one point. Unfortunately he passed in 94.

My cousin Joe - the auto mechanic that he is - rightfully accepted to take the car back with him up to NJ. It has been in his garage now for a little over 10 years. He has since replaced many parts and had others reworked. He has put a lot of money into her - although I don't know all the details yet. The body, which was originally a creamy white color then painted green at some point, has been stripped down to the metal and treated with WD-40 to hold off rust, but unfortunately isn't in the best of shape. And due to this, cousin Joe wants to pass it back to me. :) He'll be paying for shipping and I have the space in the garage - so I gladly accepted.

He has made sure the engine was turned over (by hand) over the years to prevent seizure. He has all the original paperwork, title and owners manual for her as well. The title is in my Dad's name (same as mine) back in Florida.

Me, on the other hand, am only now beginning to really get into auto-mechanics, replacing various parts such as intakes, radiators, doing electrical work, etc. I have had a few BMWs in the past - currently with a 98 M3 sedan. I can do just about any type of work with the right instruction. And can do just about anything else with time. But, I am a little scared and nervous about what is to come. Especially when it comes to the body work and sheet metal.

My son who just turned two, loves working with me in the garage and around the tools and the BMW and I think this will help. I would really love to get the PV in some shape good enough to drive someday... I do hope, however, that I will be able to find resources online - parts, documentation, support, etc. as this will surely make the future "restoration" of this beautiful car much easier. I suppose if all else fails, I can either just pass it to my son in 20 or so years - who with his extreme intelligence will most likely restore the car to better than new condition (he is pretty smart) - or I can sell her on eBay. :)

As I learn more about the car, if interested, I will post.

Thank you for your time!



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New PV 444 - Passed Down from Dad [444-544][1958]
posted by  tscarola  on Tue Aug 9 15:33 CST 2005 >

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