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'92 240GL--What to look out for? 200

I've got a 1992 240 wagon. Basically the car is very durrable. You'll know if there is a problem with the engine or transmission after you start it up and give it a test drive. I'm guessing the 240 will feel very slow compared to your 850 vehicles.

I advise you to check out the following items:
1. Turn on the air conditioning and see if it actually works. Also listen to see if the fan is making weird noises. (If so this is a pain to repair and the R12 system is getting expesive to service).
2. Check to see if the power windows work.
3. Check to see if the radio works.
4. If service records are available check to see when the timing belt was last replaced. You can even look to see if the water pump has been replaced or perhaps the radiator.
5. Press the button on the shifter to see verify that the overdrive on the automatic transmission works fine. Pressing the button drops the car into 3rd gear. Pressing it again will allow it to shift back into 4th.

The car is very easy to work on and for me the main problems have been very minor stuff like fuses getting corroded or the fuel pump relay going out.

My car has never left me stranded anywhere. Basically you will be stranded if your timing belt breaks. It won't ruin the engine, but you won't be able to go.

I will probably get tired of my 240 before if stops working.

Brake pads and rotors are easy to replace yourself.

The automatic transmission should be fine and it is very strong.

Basically I've only had to do routine maintenance on mine, except for the air conditioning repairs that I had a shop do for me.

Best of luck to you.
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