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Front cabin leaks ?!?! 120-130

Here's a new experience for me. I was driving my amazon home through mixed storms and I felt some drips on my bare legs. Trying to trace a leak when you are going 65-70mph on the interstate in traffic in a rainstorm is not very safe, or successful. It had stopped raining by the time I got home and there was no trace of the leaks. All I can describe is what little I was able to glance at while cruising through rush hour traffic.

There were multiple drips hitting my left leg. The water was coming from the upper reaches of the dashboard. I also notices rivlets on the bare left kickpanel (removed the masonite a while ago. There was less, but still noticable water dripping along the passenger side kickpanel. (No wonder the sides of the floorpans were so badly rusted). I was rather worried that my newly restored electrical system would short out on me.

Both of the door seals on this car are brand new. The windshield is in poor shape, but will be replaced if I can get my hands on a new windshield. My concern is that there may be somewhere else that could be leaking. I haven't done a careful started the "hose-test" yet, but I'm fairly sure that this was not the more familiar leak that comes through the fresh air vent.

Are there other leaky trouble-spots up front?

You mean Volvo makes cars that are *NOT* Wagons?!?


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New Front cabin leaks ?!?! [120-130]
posted by  RepairmanJackal  on Fri Jul 15 11:39 CST 2005 >

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