RWD - B21A to B21E success: GH, MJAMGB, RHYS, SSTEF, WALRUS3 (detailed)

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B21A to B21E success: GH, MJAMGB, RHYS, SSTEF, WALRUS3 (detailed)

Hello All

Thanks for your input. Here's what I have found, done, et cetera.

I got two complete B21E Ignition Systems with Wiring Harness, from the Wrecking Yard, except only one Ballast Resistor. It was 38 degrees Celcius, that day, and I forgot to remove it.

Rhys, I owe you an apology, from some previous post. Yep, it is Plug and Play.

I had a spare B21A Engine's Bosch JFU4 0231170284 Distributor, complete with wires, points, condenser. I cleaned it, inside and out, lubed the essential bits, and stored it.

I took that Distributor and removed the following components: Centrifugal Flyweights (both marked -3), both Springs (appeared to be exactly the same), Vacuum Advance Capsule (marked 2265 on the arm).

I removed took the better looking B21E Engine's Bosch JGFU4 0237002017 Distributor and removed the following components Oiling Gauze, Centering Screw below it, Springs (one had elongated loop that went over post in the center and the other resembled the B21A Spring), Centrifugal Flyweights (both marked 5), and the Vacuum Advance Capsule (marked 793 on the arm), washer/spacer at bottom.

I carefully swapped parts from B21A donor to the B21E recipient Distributor. The Springs are best installed on the Center mounting piece, first. When aligning and inserting Induction Coil and 4 Post Spindle Assemby, the two red bits slide into the slots at the bottom. The Springs should be fished toward the outer attachment arms and grasped and hooked over with tweezers. Easy. The rest of the assembly is reverse order.

I have a Circular Plotter that I use for Navigation, marked with 360 degree increments. I layed that on top of the Rotor, centered over where the carbon button makes contact. I put 0 degrees over the Index Mark for TDC and marked clockwise 60 degrees with a pencil (though pencil causes corrosion on aluminum). I aligned the Rotor with that during the installation, so everything would be set TDC, including #1 Cylinder on its compression stroke.

From the long Wiring Harness from the Control Module I plugged the White Wire into the B21E Engine's donor Coil Part Number 0221122006 (#1 Terminal). I plugged one Blue Wire into B21E Engine's donor Ballast Resistor Part Number 0227900010 1.6 Ohms. I plugged the other Blue Wire into the one coming into the engine compartment from the ignition. The one Brown Wire goes between the Ballast resistor and Starter, while the other goes from the Ballast Resistor's parallel Spade Connector to #15 Terminal of the Coil. The Short Wiring Harness has Brown and Green Wires and they plug into the Distributor. The Black Wire to Ground.

With the Vacuum Advance disconnected and plugged, initial Timing was 20 degrees BTDC, which surprised me. I reduced it to 10 degrees.

The engine idled poorly, initially, but started right up with the choke pulled. It is 24 degrees Celcius, here. I used the Spark Plugs recommended for the B21A engine (Bosch W7DC, already installed). I didn't bolt anything down, just placed it conveniently. I took it for a test drive, up a gradual hill to the M1 Highway, which steeply goes uphill for 10 kilometers, that most vehicles are lucky to be able to do 100 kilometers/hour. Of course, very few drivers take a run at a hill, in anticipation of the climb. The car accelerated through 100 to 120 and 130kph, then some dumb bitch pulled in front of me, coasting in the fast lane. I had to back off, but the car reaccelerated back up to 100kph, as easily as before, in the same spot. Never once did it hint at Pinging or Detonation. I went down the steep slope and never once did it backfire.

All is well and well worth the exercise.

The Timing, RPM, Dwell (60.4 to 61.6 degrees, Electronic Ignition) were all checked when I got home. The car idled rather smoothly at the one traffic light encountered and in the driveway.

B21E Part Numbers:
Bosch Distributor JGFU4 0237002017
Bosch Coil 0221122006 (9.38k Ohms #1 to Center or #15 to Center)
Bosch Ballast Resistor 0227900010 (1.6 Ohms)
Bosch Control Module 0227100018

The 1981 Volvo 244DL with the B21A Engine, Zenith Stromberg Carburetor and Borg Warner 55 Automatic Transmission has 146,067 kilometers on it.

There you have it. I am satisfied with performance and reliability equal to or greater than before.

Any thoughts, ideas, questions, et cetera, just let me know.

If anyone wants the Bosch provided Advance Curves for the B21A or B21E, let me know.


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New B21A to B21E success: GH, MJAMGB, RHYS, SSTEF, WALRUS3 (detailed)
posted by  RLC  on Fri Jan 28 17:54 CST 2005 >

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