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Short Staples for Upholstery? 140-160 1973

I'm making a new upholstery panel for the driver's door of the yellow peril
(145E). The vinyl is pretty much OK but the masonite below the pocket is
wiped out. I got some 1/8" tempered masonite, which is about what it had
originally (maybe not tempered and maybe a bit thinner originally). I've
cut it to shape and am ready to drill the holes. But the shortest staples
I can find locally for my staple gun(s) are 1/4", which will leave almost half
of the staple sticking through the face of the upholstery.
Does anyone know where I can get 1/8" or maybe 5/32" staples to fit either
a B&D 3000E or a Bostitch T5 staple gun?

BTW the panel was originally stapled together with very short staples so this
is NOT an innovation on my part.

Many thanks for any help you can give,
George Downs, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Central US


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New Short Staples for Upholstery? [140-160][1973]
posted by  walrus3  on Thu Jul 29 05:31 CST 2004 >

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