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AW71: bushing, wear, lock-up... ? 200

I noticed there are a lot of messages regarding the AW71 auto transmissions, but still got a few questions:

I'm planning to put one of these AW's in my car, so I bought a second hand one. There is quite a bit of play on the tail shaft, so I have to replace that bushing. But when I took the tail-bit of, I noticed that there is a second bushing on the shaft (about 8 cm furter in). There is play on that one aswell. Is it possible to replace that one too?

I heard that the latest type of AW's have a 'real' bearing at the tail. I have a mechanical speedometer, but can I not modify this new type tail-bit so I can still use the mechanical speedometer, and have the (better) bearing?

I took the oil pan of the gearbox, and noticed a brown clay-like substance on the bottom. Wear from the discs I guess? When I scraped it together I had something like 2 cm3 of it. Is that a worrysome amount, or just normal wear after lets say 200.000 km's?

Thanks, Ben Flierman

Ps. I also wandered about the versions with the Lock-up torque converter. I like to have that, but mine is not an 'L' . But the word "Lock-up torque converter" makes me think that there is no difference in the gearbox, but I just have to look-up a L-type torque converter and put it in my 'standard' AW71. I can not imagine it is like that, but how does that work then?

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