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Possible bad exh manifold gasket? 700 1988

Well my 745t project-car/daily-driver is living up to expectations. For the price I knew I'd have some work to do. Thank God I have a garage.

I might have what I think is a bad exhaust manifold gasket or maybe it's the spark plug hole.

I hear the "snap" or "tick" when the boost guage nears 11 o'clock and it intesifies the higher the boost. If I short shift and keep it out of boost it isn't noticeable.

At 2000rpm the sound occurs at about a 15 cyles/sec which would be about right for a leak at the ex port / manifold junction or a plug leak.

I know I have a buggered up spark plug thread in the #3 cylinder. When I pulled the plugs to check them after buying the car, #3 was hard coming out. I found that it's crush washer wasn't compressed and it couldn't be run in far enough to seat it properly.

The sound didn't start until after I pulled the plugs so it could also be pressure escaping past the #3 plug.

Looking at the plug's seat and hole it's apparant that a plug hasn't seated properly there for a while. I've been emailing a couple of guys about chasing the threads with the proper tap but I think the sealing surface needs to be dressed as well. Of course I'd like to do all this without pulling the head. Any tips?


Erwin in Memphis, '88 745t 183,000 miles, '95 855t For Sale


New Possible bad exh manifold gasket? [700][1988]
posted by  Erwin  on Fri Feb 28 05:44 CST 2003 >

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