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Help! Constant door chime in '88 Volvo 240 200 1988

1988 Volvo 240 GL Wagon Automatic
Oh gosh, this has been driving me nuts! I'm actually driving around with ear plugs! I have to take a long drive in a couple of days.

Basically, the car seems to think the door is open all the time. That door chime is loud! I don't need door-open sensors -- I only use the interior courtesy light manually, so I am happy with where things are... I just want to know how to disconnect that chime/alarm! I've had a mechanic friend try to find it; he searched & searched for the chime, couldn't find it (even though it's ringing all the time), and my Chilton manual was worthless. I then bought the (infinitely better) Bentley Volvo 240 manual, but still can't find any reference to the door chime!

Tonight I offered $10 to any worker at my empty local Auto Zone who could disconnect the chime; they tried, but couldn't find it. But they DID manage to disconnect my instrument panel (speedo/ temp/ gas/ hand brake/ probably odometer, at least), which I didn't notice until I had driven away (and they were closing, so I couldn't head back). So if anyone knows how to reconnect that too (gulp), since the guy who did it won't be back in for awhile, I'd appreciate that, as well (what does it look like/where is it in the well).

I suppose I could go through the bother of visiting a junkyard and culling old door sensors, but I don't actually know that would fix it, and I'd just rather never hear that chime again. Everything else works to my satisfaction..

Thanks so much for your help.

(nephiah2 at bigfoot.com)

(Background, if you're interested:
I did have a situation where I had an intermittent brakelight bulb failure warning for a long time, which I still hadn't fixed by the time the chiming started. After this chiming started, but before I got the bulb situation sorted out, a friend inspected the fuse situation (we didn't find any blown ones, but I plan to replace a few fuses, though no manual I can find lists which fuse does the door chime), and actually looked at my door-open sensors/switches, and commented that several of them were 'blown' or not functional, by inspecting them (I'm not a mechanic). In the meantime, I've gotten the bulb situation sorted out (replaced both sides at the same time), and the bulb failure warning went away, but the door chime still goes all the time.)


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