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Tires installed 'inside-out' 700 1990

I purchased a set of Dunlop SP Sport A2's from TireRack.com and had my Volvo Indy shop install them on Thursday. On the sidewall of each tire it says "mount this side out" on one side and "mount this side in" on the other. Well, the side facing out says "mount this side in". I called my Indy guys and they said they mounted them this way since the red dot (indicating where the valve stem on the rim lines up on the tire) is on the "mount this side in" of the tire. I said: "BS, it clearly states that this side should be mounted in on the tire".

I called Tire Rack to verify what I already knew: that the SP Sport A2 is an asymmetrical tire and the tires should be re-mounted correctly. My Indy shop has no issues with re-mounting them correctly. They are, usually, very reliable and have always done great work on my Volvos. So I really have no problem with it except for the fact that I will have to take time to have the tires installed correctly.

OK, enough of my rambling. The tires ride great and I am extremely pleased. My question is: Is it dangerous to have them mounted "inside out" and how will it affect the handling of the car?

1990 744Ti and 1998 S70


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New Tires installed 'inside-out' [700][1990]
posted by  arby  on Fri Jan 25 22:49 CST 2002 >

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