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Better gas mileage with Chervon/Techron? 200 1980

I saw Chevron's ad for $0.05/gallon discount when you use their credit card for gas purchases. That was my main reason to use Chevron, which I have found to be overpriced compared to other gas. In fact, I believe that I have only used Chevron twice in my life (desparately low on gas both times). I also figured that it would be cheaper to use Techron than fuel injection cleaner (or Chevron's concentrated Techron fuel injection cleaner). However, I've been using regular (87 Octane) for one week. I just checked my mileage, which usually runs 20-21 mpg, and found that I'm getting 25 mpg. My driving habits have not changed and I haven't done any repairs in the interim. Is this a fluke or is the Techron really giving me 25% better gas mileage ((25-20/20)?


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New Better gas mileage with Chervon/Techron? [200][1980]
posted by  someone claiming to be Mike  on Thu Nov 1 20:29 CST 2001 >

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