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At last my own brick- couple minor fixers 200 1990

After searching, test driving, and looking for a dependable, but cheap, volvo 240 wagon, I found the one. A 1990 240 dl wagon-5 speed, 241,000 miles, no rust or dings, good cloth interior, factory stero, good tires, rebuilt trans and new clutch at 212k, new exhaust and brakes at 220k and a Yakima rack with attachments for $700.00! I almost broke down for a 89 with 120k for 4000.00, I'm glad I held out, (at least so far). 3 things don't work that I would like any thoughts or advice on. 1. The AC doesn't work-needed a new compressor 2 years ago. 2. Temp gauge doesn't work. and 3. Right rear power window doesn't work (not the switch). I think my priorities are 1 temp gauge asap, 2. window, 3. AC.

Questions are 1.I would like AC, but is it really worth fixing. Will it become 1 thing after another?

2. What order of trouble shooting should I attempt at correcting the broken gauge and the window?

Any other advice on what to look into for a car with these miles to make it go another 240k? Sythetics, what to flush and what to leave alone etc. thanks in advance.


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New At last my own brick- couple minor fixers [200][1990]
posted by  someone claiming to be Chris J  on Sat Jun 30 16:26 CST 2001 >

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